Uppercut Deluxe Basin Kit

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Uppercut Deluxe Basin Kit

Most grooming routines start at the basin ''" so, we thought we'''d create a kit that is specifically designed to cater for a man'''s basin needs (which aren'''t far removed from his basic needs). Our Basin Kit will provide your guy with a simple and stylish way to stash all of his grooming accessories in one easy to reach stainless steel cup.

If you are sick of your guy'''s grooming accessories crowding the bathroom sink, this gift is a hint in the right direction.

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Uppercut Deluxe Basin Kit

  • 1pcs Sikat gigi kayu
  • 1pcs Pocket black comb
  • 1pcs Tortoise shell comb
  • 1pcs Gelas aluminium premium
  • 1pcs Quiff roller

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